Apache Campers and Caravans Pty Ltd provides a 3 year Chassis warranty, 1 year Structural warranty, and a 1 year Appliances warranty.

General wear and tear and any misused items are not covered as part of the 1-year general warranty.

All warranties begin from the date of customer pickup or delivery.


Warranties are not transferable. Under no circumstances should warranty repairs be carried out by any third party unless approved by Apache Campers & Caravans or their representatives. Please call the showroom you purchased your camper from to discuss ANY warranty claim before proceeding. Thank you.

  • Warranties are voided if any of the following has taken place: customisation, modifications, unauthorised and incorrect assembly; accidents, collision and abuse.
  • Warranties are only valid to the original purchaser and may not be transferred to another party.
  • Warranties are voided if the camper trailer or caravan is purchased for the use of rental, on loan or commercial use.
  • Warranties only apply to items sold as “NEW” or “DEMO”. Items sold via auctions and third parties are not covered by our warranties.
  • Only Apache Campers & Caravans or their representatives have the authority to accept warranty claims. Suppliers, resellers, associates, and representatives not affiliated with the company cannot approve any warranty claims for Apache Campers and Caravans without its prior knowledge and permission.
  • Any warranty claims must be returned to your nearest dealership or reseller for inspection before proceeding unless it is impractical due to being in a remote location. In this case, you must contact the showroom you purchased your camper from to discuss possible alternatives.
  • If the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has been removed or altered, warranty claims will be voided.
  • Once the camper trailer or caravan is dispatched from the showroom the customer is aware that this is the date that warranties commence.
  • The camper trailer is not dust proof, so any dust damage is not covered under warranty.
  • All warranty claims must have an invoice number and the correct information from the buyer. Any incorrect information may cause rejection of your claim.
  • Towing, transport, accommodation and any other recovery cost from warranty claims are the responsibility of the purchaser unless otherwise stated in handwriting or by email from the Apache Campers and Caravans management team.
  • Warranty repairs may take up to one month or longer before depending on parts availability and workshop schedule.

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