Welcome to the family!!

Apache caravans is a family run business, family unity is our strength. What a better way to bring the family together than buying a caravan and exploring this beautiful country together, making memories and providing the best possible environment for our best asset…. Our kids!

Apache caravans are a creation of our personal journey with our family and how we found it hard to get the right van, nothing too big and nothing too small, something just PERFECT!

So we got to it creating the Apache Caravans, nothing too fancy but with all the necessities we needed. 

Our adventure has taken a good couple of years, but we finally found a great business partner OS that understands our products and the quality that we demand.

All our caravans are solid with aluminium frame fully insulated with off road and off grid capabilities and are built to withstand our Aussie roads.

So let your journey begin with us and create your own story



Over the years, Apache Caravans has been helping families connect with nature and each other. We have facilitated countless journeys and adventures, opened eyes and helped create memories for a lifetime. 

 As proof of our long-term commitment to leading Caravan innovations, we bring you another exciting adventure exploring the uncharted territory of the future. 

 Apache Caravans  long-established innovation culture  uniquely positions us to lead the way; to create products that deliver the experience


Preserving the health of our planet is fundamental to the way Apache Caravans are manufactured. We have a responsibility to protect our environment and  strive to conserve resources across our operations that help preserve our planet for the next generation of Caravans. Today, our manufacturing processes are more energy and resource efficient than ever, with a focus on recycling and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.


Mentoring and taking care of our team members by supporting them in their personal and professional goals is a priority at Apache Caravans. We do this by engaging and connecting with our team members to support their development. We continue to devote resources to developing and empowering our people. Apache Caravans is proud of the work we do in our communities as they are a valuable resource in our success. We develop our culture and organization every day.


Apache Caravans,  is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. This includes acting with integrity and fairness in both our business and labor relationships. We also expect our employees to act ethically at all times and in accordance with all applicable laws. 

 We expect the same ethical standard  from those with whom we do business, including business partners, agencies and suppliers.


Apache caravans is a family run business. This company is a creation of our personal journey with our family and how we found it hard to get the right van, nothing too big and nothing too small, something just PERFECT!

So we got to it creating Apache Caravans, a great looking van built to quality standards by an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer with all the necessities we needed.
We choose the best, so when you go to choose the Caravan that’s right for you, it’s much easier to make your decision with confidence.

With an estimated 2500 public and private campgrounds in Australia, there is no shortage of great places to explore in your Apache Caravan. Not surprisingly, many campgrounds are located near some of the most spectacular sceneries all throughout Australia. On the other hand, you can often find a campground within a short drive from home making weekend get-a-ways fun and easy.

“RV” stands for recreational vehicle and is also commonly referred to as a camper or caravan. Most RVs are self-contained and equipped with living accommodations like a bed, running water, bathroom, stove, and refrigerator.

In general, there are two kinds of RVs—Trailers which are towed behind a car or truck and Motorhomes which are self-propelled and driven.

We offer an incredible range of products making it possible for almost anyone to start camping in a new Caravan. Prices start at around $56,990 for easy to tow, caravans and increases as you add space and luxury features. You will find literally hundreds of choices to fit your family and budget.

You can visit our showroom at 3/59 Lathams Road,Carrum Downs VIC 3201 to check the wide range of caravans we have.. Apache Caravans operates an established network of authorized dealers to help you select the right Caravan for your needs, secure financing, and maintain your caravan for optimum enjoyment in the years ahead.

Apache Caravans are “self-contained” which means they provide the basic necessities needed for several days without external electrical, water, or sewer connections. Frequently this includes toilet facilities, fresh water storage, waste holding tanks, refrigerator, stove, heater/air conditioner and battery storage. With a self-contained caravan you can camp off grid without the need to be plugged in.

Our Apache caravans have 2 x 95 litre fresh water tanks, which gives you a total of 190 litres of water at your disposal. It also comes with a 14 litre Truma Hot Water Service for all your hot water needs. Lastly, in between the fresh water tanks, there is a 50 litre grey water tank for all waste water that comes from your sinks and shower.

Short answer is YES. Most likely your caravan is equipped with a refrigerator. Caravan refrigerators are absorption refrigerators and operate on 12v/240v. When the caravan is not plugged into an AC power source, the refrigerator uses your battery power (12v) to complete the cooling process. These refrigerators use the caravan battery power supply, inverted into AC power, to operate the refrigerator compressor and supply cooling when not plugged into an external power source.

That’s impossible to answer since it depends on so many variables like weight, speed, traffic, terrain and your driving style. Safe to say that in a caravan you will get less mileage than you do on your everyday commute to work. Please keep in mind that the typical caravan family drives less than 5000 kilometers a year with their camper, so fuel consumption is not a major budget consideration.

You can finance your Caravan. We can offer financing options as can your local bank or credit union.

You can order replacement keys for your caravan entry door, storage bays, and external compartments from us. Many times, a locksmith can provide replacement keys if they have access to your caravan. Since most local hardware stores do not usually carry caravans key blanks, consider making a duplicate set and keeping it accessible.

“Dry camping” is camping without hookups. It is also called“boondocking”—since many times you are camped out in the boondocks. When you dry camp, you rely on your RVs self-contained features like a battery, propane, fresh water storage, on board refrigeration, toilet, and waste holding tanks. Factors that limit your length of stay include water and electrical usage and your holding tank capacity.

Most Caravans are equipped with a canopy awning to provide shade and shelter. Some awnings you extend or retract by hand.  Others you operate with the push of a button.


Modern caravan awnings are woven from synthetic materials like vinyl or acrylic. They are resistant to the elements and last for years. However, they require reasonable care and maintenance. 

The plumbing system in your caravan is a lot like the plumbing in your house, but with some crucial differences. Hidden under your caravan’s skin, you’ll find additional technology that makes it easy for you to enjoy hot and cold running water, shower, and toilet facilities even when you are not hooked up. Here is some of the equipment that makes that possible.